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Boise CrossFit and Fitness

Verdant’s Purpose: Teach Boise The Pillars of Fitness

We make health and fitness a part of people’s lifestyles.

Our programs are built on the three pillars of fitness: movement, diet and community.

We believe that everyone chooses how serious they are about their health. We offer the Boise CrossFit community three distinct programs for three different fitness journeys.


Boise CrossFit: Downtown Next to Your Office

Fitness located in downtown Boise, close enough to get your WOD in during business hours.

We use the basis of CrossFit as our foundation for all programs.

Our programs CrossFit Lite, Verdant CrossFit, and Verdant Barbell Club offer three levels of commitment to health.

All courses involve complex body movements, coaching and group settings to help you achieve your the healthy lifestyle you want to achieve. 

Boise Personal Training in  a Group Setting

Verdant is led by founder and local boise CrossFit luminary Basile Beaty.

Basile is a knowledgeable, devoted and a determined coach.

He has masters degrees in education and nutrition, and has studied a variety of athletics, including track and field, olympic weight lifting, and of course, CrossFit.



Choose your fitness journey.

CrossFit Lite

CrossFit, without the heavy lifts.

An inclusive group fitness program built on the core principles of fitness, while leaving out some movements.

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Verdant CrossFit

Boise CrossFit, where WODs are made.

Home to the most developed curriculum in Boise and has a large staff of committed CrossFit trainers

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Barbell Club

Powerlifting for athletes.

A vibrant community that is of athletes and coaches that provide programming and insight to develop your Olympic Weightlifting.

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Hear From Our Community

I dropped in for the open workout and Verdant could not have been more accommodating! Coaches and community really made me feel at home and welcome.


Had a great WOD this morning with a great group. Basile Beaty was very welcoming and he obviously knows his stuff! Great location if you are in Downtown Boise on business.


Excellent coaches, great group of people, lots of learning and positive energy all around!!! Thankful to be a member of this community!


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Each of our programs has a different onboarding process, we want all of our new members to feel welcome, included, and comfortable when they take their first group class.