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About Us

If you’re interested in Fitness you’ve come to the right place!

Verdant truly has something for everyone. We are located in a massive warehouse, a stone’s throw from downtown, BSU, and the North End AND we are right off the Boise connector!

We offer several programs, each developed for different crowds, looking for different things out of their fitness experience. Verdant CrossFit is home to the most developed curriculum in Boise, including a large staff of committed, knowledgable and experienced CrossFit trainers. Verdant Barbell Club has a vibrant community that is incredibly inclusive and coaches that provide programming and insight to develop your Olympic Weightlifting. Verdant Fit is our third program, it is an incredibly inclusive group fitness program which is built on our core principles of fitness but that leaves some of the more complex movements behind. We truly have something for everybody!

Our Hours and Workout Schedule

Here you can find a breakdown of our Weekly Schedule

Crossfit Schedule

5:15AM 5:15AM 5:15AM 5:15AM 5:15AM
6:15AM 6:15AM 6:15AM 6:15AM 6:15AM
7:15AM Masters 7:15AM Masters 7:15AM Masters
8:15AM 8:15AM 8:15AM 8:15AM 8:15AM 9AM
9:15AM 9:15AM 9:15AM 9:15AM 9:15AM 10AM 9:30AM Gymnastics
11AM 11AM 11AM 11AM 11AM
12PM 12PM 12PM 12PM 12PM
4:15PM 4:15PM 4:15PM 4:15PM 4:15PM
5:15PM 5:15PM 5:15PM 5:15PM 5:15PM
6:15PM 6:15PM 6:15PM 6:15PM 6:15PM

Fit Schedule

8:30AM 8:30AM 8:30AM
11:30AM 11:30AM 11:30AM
4:30PM 4:30PM 4:30PM

Barbell Club Schedule

5:15PM 5:15PM

Meet Our Team of World Class Trainers

Sierra Bell

Sierra has been training under the Verdant system for more than two years. She came in as an incredibly gifted young athlete who played competitive volleyball and soccer. She is an inspiring trainer and athlete who works in The Refinery Personal Training Studio as well as at Verdant CrossFit. She completed her NASM certification in June 2016 and earned a degree in psychology from BSU in 2017. Sierra is incredibly well-versed in our methods and has been an integral part of our community for years.


Emily Louise

Emily is a veteran gymnast and movement master. She began coaching gymnastics when she was 10 years old and has been training people in a broad range of movement disciplines ever since. She has an impressive variety of certifications, including exercise physiology, and is working on a second yoga certification as well as a nutrition certification. Emily began CrossFit in 2011 and, became a certified CrossFit coach in 2012. She has contributed scores to the past three (2015, 2016, 2017) Verdant CrossFit Regional teams. Emily earned a degree in kinesiology from BSU, runs Verdant Fit as well as her own personal training business, and is L2 CrossFit certified.


Crystal Parks

Crystal has been an athlete in the Verdant system for almost three years. She played volleyball at Moorpark College from 2013-2015, coached the Westlake Volleyball Club from 2014-2015, and coached soccer and volleyball at Grace Brethren Elementary from 2012-2015. She is currently an assistant coach at the Idaho Volleyball Club and studying in the respiratory care program at BSU. Though she is one of our younger coaches, her long-time experience in Verdant system provides her an additional advantage along with an impressive depth of knowledge. In 2017 she was an active contributor to the Verdant Regional team.


Basile Beaty

I ran cross country, indoor track, and outdoor track at Amherst College in Amherst, MA, where I graduated with a dual degree in 2008. In 2010, I received my first master’s degree in curriculum and education from the University of Mississippi, Oxford. I taught 10th-grade English for 3 years at a small high school in Mississippi, where I also coached track and field and managed to train several state champions in the short time I was there. I took a position at university in Moscow, Russia, in 2011, and began learning Olympic lifting. In 2012 I began working on a PhD in comparative literature at the University of Southern California, during that time I travelled to Russian again to work on Olympic lifting. While in SoCal, I began to study CrossFit. I began in October of 2011 and qualified for the OC Throwdown a few months later. I trained at CrossFit Mean Streets and qualified individually for SoCal Regionals 2012, 2013, and 2014. In November 2014, I founded Verdant CrossFit in Boise. We qualified for 2015 West Regionals and went to the CrossFit Games in 2015. In 2016 and 2017, we qualified for West Regionals as well. In February 2017, I began staffing CrossFit Refinery and operating it under my training system.

@crunkjuicegucci @verdantcrossfit

Joey Brinton

Joey moved to Boise to join his long-time girlfriend at Boise State University. He is currently working on a degree in exercise science. As a coach, he is incredibly attentive, has a unique understanding of biomechanics, and is able to identify issues in an athlete’s movement. Joey played junior collegiate basketball at MoorPark College for 3 years. He has coached CrossFit for 5 years, including at a number of our friends’ gyms in SoCal. In 2016 he was on Precision CrossFit’s Regional team in the SoCal region, and in 2017, was on Verdant’s team. As an athlete, Joey has progressed each year and is an incredible CrossFitter while balancing school, coaching, and working at LuluLemon.


Isaac Campbell

Assistant Head Coach

Isaac moved to Boise from Alaska to train with the Verdant CrossFit crew. Within a year he had dramatically PR’d all his lifts. Shortly after, he started coaching at Verdant CrossFit and CrossFit Refinery. In 2016, Isaac decided to pursue Olympic weightlifting competitively and he walked away from the year with a very long list of accomplishments. In addition to winning various local USAW meets, he qualified for University and Under 25 Nationals in New Orleans in September 2016. He also qualified for the 2016 American Open Championship in Orlando. He currently holds all the male 85kg Idaho State Records, was the 2016 Idaho 85kg state champion, and the overall Sinclair Champion. Isaac coaches at Verdant CrossFit and Verdant Barbell Club and is pursuing a career in the United States Air Force.


Zach Lane

Zach moved to Boise in 2016 to be closer to family. He has experienced CrossFit in many parts of the world and brings a vast knowledge basis to the gym. Zach has had the priveledge of coaching and training with some top coaches and athletes, including a prominent USAW coach, multiple CrossFit Regional and Games athletes. He has a hands-on approach and loves being around people at the gym.

Zach Lane