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Week 4 Lifestyle Challenge: Create a Sleep Ritual

The Basics: Sleep is essential to our health and well being. It’s during sleep that our bodies and brains get to rest and regenerate. If you’ve ever operated on a lack of sleep, you’ve felt first hand how dramatically it can affect your energy levels, ability to think clearly, and athletic performance. The correct amount…
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Week 4 Nutrition Habit: Improve your Carb Game

The Basics: To eat carbs or not to eat carbs? At the end of the day, carbohydrates are the primary fuel source of our bodies and all of its functions. Athletes need quality fuel to sustain their physical pursuits and efforts, and it’s carbs that are the staple to any healthy diet and offer the…
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Week 3 Lifestyle Challenge: Stretch!!

The Basics: Recovery is an oft overlooked component of our health and fitness. It’s during the time that we deliberately rest and recover however, that our bodies get stronger and repair themselves. If we neglect taking the time for recovery we won’t perform as well or feel as strong. We will likely lack energy and…
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Week 3 Nutrition Habit: Get Colorful Veggies at EVERY Meal

The Basics: How many times were you told as a kid to, “Eat your vegetables!”? If you’re a parent, how many times have you begged your own kids to do this? We all know they’re good for us, but what is it about veggies that makes them so valuable? Vegetables are the staple of all…
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Week 2 Lifestyle Habit: Drink Water

The Basics: We are made up primarily of water, and many of our bodily functions use water, so it’s no surprise that getting enough of this essential substance is absolutely necessary for ultimate health, proper functioning of our bodies, and overall well being. If you’ve ever made an effort to drink more water in the…
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Week 2 Nutrition Habit: Eating Protein and Whole Foods

The Basics: This week we will be focusing on a more tangible nutrition strategy; specifically, eating the right amount of protein for you. Protein is responsible for many processes that take place within our bodies. When broken down into their smaller parts known as amino acids, those protein bodies are used to build all our…
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Week 1 Nutrition Habit: Eat Slowly and 80% Full

The Basics: No matter what you eat, when you eat, where you eat, or with whom you eat, just eat slowly. It’s that simple. Not saying it’s easy, but it is simple. Eating slowly almost guarantees that you will eat less, feel better and be more in control of your eating. This may seem like…
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Week 1 Lifestyle Challenge: Time for Yourself

The Basics: No doubt you’ve heard about the importance of mindfulness in managing stress and enjoying your life more fully. You may even be sick of hearing it, rolling your eyes at its mention or wondering how in the world you’d ever have time to do such a thing. With our hectic, and demanding schedules,…
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My Experience at Sealfit, written in 2013

I attended Kokoro camp October 25-27 2013 and I officially affiliated Verdant CrossFit early 2014. Becca Voigt was in my fire team at Kokoro along with Elizabeth Akinwale. Becca later opened her own gym not long after Verdant. I haven’t changed a word of what I wrote back in November, 2013 about Sealfit. I was…
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What Should I do FOR CARDIO!

“What do I need to do for CARDIO?”   This is some great food for thought whether you’ve been doing CrossFit for years or if this is your first month. A few times a month someone will ask me what they should do for cardio, sometimes it’s people here in the gym and sometimes it’s…
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