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Week 1 Nutrition Habit: Eat Slowly and 80% Full

The Basics: No matter what you eat, when you eat, where you eat, or with whom you eat, just eat slowly. It’s that simple. Not saying it’s easy, but it is simple. Eating slowly almost guarantees that you will eat less, feel better and be more in control of your eating. This may seem like…
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Week 1 Lifestyle Challenge: Time for Yourself

The Basics: No doubt you’ve heard about the importance of mindfulness in managing stress and enjoying your life more fully. You may even be sick of hearing it, rolling your eyes at its mention or wondering how in the world you’d ever have time to do such a thing. With our hectic, and demanding schedules,…
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My Experience at Sealfit, written in 2013

I attended Kokoro camp October 25-27 2013 and I officially affiliated Verdant CrossFit early 2014. Becca Voigt was in my fire team at Kokoro along with Elizabeth Akinwale. Becca later opened her own gym not long after Verdant. I haven’t changed a word of what I wrote back in November, 2013 about Sealfit. I was…
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What Should I do FOR CARDIO!

“What do I need to do for CARDIO?”   This is some great food for thought whether you’ve been doing CrossFit for years or if this is your first month. A few times a month someone will ask me what they should do for cardio, sometimes it’s people here in the gym and sometimes it’s…
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CrossFit Games – IMO

If you go back and look at the the first definition of CrossFit, only 100 words of the final sentence of that paragraph deals specifically with movement. That is really interesting. As CrossFit has grown the movement side has really evolved and it has become professionalized at many levels. Without patting myself on the back…
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What is CrossFit?

“What is CrossFit?” is a really common question that we hear at Verdant. It’s actually written verbatim in a subject line or in an email almost every few days. CrossFit HQ defines “World Class Fitness” in 100 words: “Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar. Keep intake to…
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Dropping Into A Box And Etiquette

This is definitely a gym owner problem, but most CrossFitters have at least been in a class where a drop-in comes in and says something along the lines of “I have my own program, can I go in the corner and do it?” There are so many variables to this situation, so I’m going to…
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Positioning Over Depth

Why we should keep our message consistent. At Verdant I’ve tried to keep the messages repetitive and unwavering. My primary message, “Positioning over Depth,” has been a combination of my ideology as well as a product of circumstances. The denotation is quite literal: make sure the positioning of a squat is what is valued over…
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Teen Strength and Conditioning Program

We have recently started our first official Verdant Fitness Teen Strength and Conditioning Program. Whenever we start a new strength cycle or a new program, I usually dive head first into a bunch of reading and research. It’s always tough to synthesize all the different points of view and theories that have been developed, but…
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Precision Nutrition Announcement

This is the email where we are going to tell you about what we’ve been working on. To be honest I couldn’t find anything that I liked and I was building my own series of nutrition planning. Everything we found wasn’t working for most people, consistently. As some of you know, I really like Renaissance…
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