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Week 3 Lifestyle Challenge: Stretch!!

Week 3 Lifestyle Challenge: Stretch!!

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The Basics:

Recovery is an oft overlooked component of our health and fitness. It’s during the time that we deliberately rest and recover however, that our bodies get stronger and repair themselves. If we neglect taking the time for recovery we won’t perform as well or feel as strong. We will likely lack energy and maybe even push past physical limits, ultimately hindering our progress more than helping.

Recovery can take many forms including massage, epsom salt baths, sauna sweats, gentle yoga, spending time in nature, or practicing breath exercises. Nutrition of course also plays a big role in your ability to recover quickly (yay for nutrient dense veggies!). Recovery is essentially self-care and is anything that recharges you and leaves you feeling refreshed. While there are countless ways to deliberately recover, this week our focus will be on one strategy specifically and that is stretching at home.

There are two kinds of stretching that we employ at Verdant: active and passive. Passive stretching is when you have a partner doing most of the work to stretch your muscles i.e. partner t-spine stretches or partner pancake stretches. Active stretching is stretching that you do on your own and actively pull or push yourself into positions that test your range-of-motion (ROM). It is really important that when you stretch you do not push yourself past a safe ROM. You can increase the ROM gradually through hard work and time but not all at once without potential injury. Lastly, stretching is painful and it is uncomfortable. A little discomfort is often way better than a significant muscle injury or tear. 

What is your lifestyle challenge?

Spend a minimum of 10 minutes stretching or doing mobility exercises on your own time outside of class time at the gym every day.

Strategies for making it happen:

  1. Strategies for Making it Happen:

    1. Check out some of our YouTube videos for ideas:
    1. Do your stretching while watching your favorite show.
    2. Set a timer to go off every hour and perform 3-5 stretches while at your desk at work.