528 S Americana Blvd, Boise, ID 83702

CrossFit Seminars at Verdant

CrossFit is Awesome

We are very fortunate to host most of the L1/L2 and CrossFit Specialty Courses in Boise.

We always provide coffee, food, and an awesome environment spearheaded by the amazing professionals from CrossFit Seminar Staff!


Check Below for Current Offerings

CrossFit HQ sends a team of badass coaches and teachers to Verdant CrossFit to lead all of the seminars. Each seminar is special and has it’s own unique chemistry. By the end of the day you will have made 20-30 new friends with whom you have shared an amazing, seminal moment in your life with. I can still remember Nuno Costa, Dave Lipsen, and Camille Bazinet coaching my L1 in 2012!

CrossFit L1

June, 8 – 9 2019 we are hosting!

L1 Link
CrossFit L2

May, 4 -5 2019 we are hosting!

L2 Link
CrossFit Kettlebell

April, 27 2019 we are hosting!

Conjugate CrossFit

May, 25-26 2019 we are hosting!