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CrossFit WOD, February 8, 2018

CrossFit WOD, February 8, 2018


800M Run
20 Walking Lunge to straight leg ham stretch
12 Cossack Squat
Standing Pancake Stretch 2:00
Right Leg Split 1:00
Left Leg Split 1:00
Frog 1:00
1:00 Pec stretch ea.
Butterfly 1:00
Plate trap stretch 1:00 ea.
Complete 2 rounds for 3 sets (2 rounds= 1 set)

10x strict leg lifts hanging from bar (advanced=T2B)

30s hanging L-hold rings (scaled=knees to chest) (if rings are too hard go to parallettes and keep one foot on ground)

10 v-ups (use PVC )(scaled=gymnastics crunch or sit ups)

Metcon (Time)
2000M Row
45 Hand Stand Push Ups
11 Min Cut Off

add undone reps to 11 if you get time capped