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CrossFit WOD, July 24, 2018

CrossFit WOD, July 24, 2018

180724 Invasion 1

You don’t get a warm up this is an invasion.
Farmer’s Carry (1)
carry what you think you can take the farthest, the weight will matter but you won’t know why until later.
Metcon (Distance)
Farmer Carry Distance
Metcon (Time)
50M Carry = 2500M Row
100M Carry = 2250 Row
200M Carry = 2000 Row
300M Carry = 1750 Row
400M Carry = 1200 Row
600M Carry = 1000 Row

set your rower to the correct meters and make sure it’s counting down so you get an exact time. round down on distance.
Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
Using same KBs:
Do amrap 8 KB DLs and 8 burpee over KBs in the time it took to do the row.

you can wear a vest if you want during the carry but anything you carry you’re going to workout in and with. the more tactical you dress and or wear the more you’ll benefit most likely.