528 S Americana Blvd, Boise, ID 83702

Verdant CrossFit



What is Crossfit?

Verdant CrossFit, first and foremost, is a CrossFit gym! CrossFit gyms run group based fitness classes that are instructed by a qualified instructor. At Verdant CrossFit, we run group classes almost every hour of the day. Each class has a specific warm-up, a strength element, and then a metabolic conditioning block. Warm-Ups are often overlooked or rushed through by a lot of gyms but here at Verdant we spend a lot of time developing warm ups that are specific to the movements that we practicing that day. Not only are our warm-ups designed to prepare you for your class, we also mix functional body-building and core strength each day. Our Strength Elements are a major part of our programming. That’s because we run specific strength cycles in our regular CrossFit classes! Basically, you’ll have 3-12 weeks blocks of time where you’ll be moving towards a new goal of some new maximum lift or movement. In addition to putting our strength elements into a structured curriculum you’ll see patterns in our Metabolic Conditioning pieces every few weeks as well. You’ll always know that you’re programming is thought-out well in advance.


At Verdant CrossFit we have built an amazing community that has withstood the test of time and tribulation. We have had MANY memorable community events and several annual events. Each year we host a “cornhole” tournament, each month we have either a community event, or a themed happy hour WoD. We have put on multiple movie nights, several dance parties, Halloween parties, and at the end of each year we rent out some rad space in downtown Boise and throw a big party.

We have also been to the CrossFit Games West Regionals three times in a row (2015, 2016, 2017) and been to the ESPN televised CrossFit Games in 2015. We have had a Verdant Softball Team, the V-Cards, two years running and we have had a women’s volleyball team for two years as well. We have done several major fundraisers for different charities over the past three years and we have supported many of our members who are going through difficult times or through first time pregnancy!


I taught high school for a number of years and my first master’s degree is in Curriculum and Education. After teaching in Russia and then at USC for three years, where I earned my second graduate degree I have accrued over 10 years of teaching experience. Our programming reflects my teaching experience and the care given to the development of our coaches demonstrates this as well. I treat the programming with the same care and precision and forethought that I used teaching high school and at the universities. We have a truly indescribable energy at the gym as well as a community that provides a second home and an awesome group of friends for all newcomers.”